Friday, September 13, 2013

Kickstarting VOX Magazine

New York, Paris, Milan, London, Tokyo. These are the fashion capitals of the world, and real talent wouldn’t lie in boring old Salt Lake, right?

Allow me to enlighten you. Salt Lake City is full of incredible art, fashion and culture. In fact,the artistic talent in Salt Lake has grown so much in the last few years, there is now a thriving art and fashion scene. Every time you turn around there is a huge fashion show or high-fashion soirée.

Now, all we need is a magazine to keep up with this ever-growing creative scene. And here is our chance.

VOX Magazine is on the verge of launching its first issue. Its glossy pages will be chock full of fabulous, local content and that nostalgic new-magazine smell. But there is one hitch: VOX needs your help to print the magazine. The consumer demand for this new magazine is so high that they need funding to meet demand.