Friday, June 28, 2013

Trends I Heart and Trends I Hate: Fringe, Stripes and Bows

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It’s been a while since I talked trends. Let’s talk, shall we? First up, lets talk about the trends I love from this summer.

They have been in the loop since December, but they have persisted until now. And I have to tell the world the love that dare not speak its name. Bows. I LOVE bows!

In actuality, this isn’t exactly a secret. Over the last few months I have compulsively stocked up on bow-shaped-anything like a squirrel collecting nuts for winter. Here are some of my favorite pieces from these last two seasons (and yes, they are from Kate Spade):

Skinny Mini Bow Bangle. (My super nice parents got this for a birthday present last year!) Kate Spade $88.

Skinny Mini Bow Earrings. Kate Spade $48.
This dress is FINALLY on sale. I've been stalking it since January. Kate Spade $198.
Circes sunglasses. Kate Spade $138.

Given my recent trip to Paris, the next trend won’t surprise you much: Stripes.

This might require a bit of a disclaimer. The French don’t wear stripes as much as the stereotype would lead one to believe. When I saw people wearing stripes, it was mostly toned down with other things. For example…

Wear a small, striped item like a t-shirt, and pair it with a jacket and/or scarf to tone it down (otherwise you might look like a loose felon).

This rain coat has a striped lining, and it is a BIG deal in France. Le Petit Bateau €125.

If you don’t want to tone things down, have fun with stripes swapping solid stripes for printed stripes.

Lace and contrasting patterns can be a fun play on stripes. Anthropologie $88.

And just for fun, you can always just embrace them full on. Check out this striped swim suit!

Super flattering and eye catching. Tommy Hilfiger.

Now lets talk trends I hate. I’ll admit to going back and forth on this, but for the most part, I cant’ stand fringe. It looks like hair, and it reminds me of everything I hate about Coachella. (Watch the following—and incredibly painful—video).

Fringe can be fun, but I get an anxiety attack just looking at it. You have to comb it; it’ll get stuck on stuff; you run a serious risk of looking homeless especially if you wear it with cut-off shorts and uncombed hair.

I feel like I would have to comb this constantly.

See what I mean?

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