Friday, June 28, 2013

Trends I Heart and Trends I Hate: Fringe, Stripes and Bows

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It’s been a while since I talked trends. Let’s talk, shall we? First up, lets talk about the trends I love from this summer.

They have been in the loop since December, but they have persisted until now. And I have to tell the world the love that dare not speak its name. Bows. I LOVE bows!

In actuality, this isn’t exactly a secret. Over the last few months I have compulsively stocked up on bow-shaped-anything like a squirrel collecting nuts for winter. Here are some of my favorite pieces from these last two seasons (and yes, they are from Kate Spade):

Skinny Mini Bow Bangle. (My super nice parents got this for a birthday present last year!) Kate Spade $88.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Bikinis: The Modest Truth

A little while ago, this video came to my attention. In this video, Jessica Rey talks about bikinis and modesty.

I’ve seen the link for it on Facebook for about two weeks, and, admittedly, I was a little put off by what I was hearing about it, but I finally watched it. My feelings about this video are incredibly mixed.

My first thought about this video was that she was completely wrong! My second thought? She was completely right! (DON’T STOP READING HERE! Whatever your opinion on this video is, hear me out on this!)